I have a 24 year record of producing professional and exciting reporting for the New York Times. I have featured news about changing gender roles as a conscious and deliberate part of my reporting.


contributing writer

Starting with my work from 1992-1997 as a contributing writer for the New York Times Sunday Magazine.


“A Conversation with…”

Since 1998, I’ve been producing and writing a Question and Answer interview feature in Science Times, “A Conversation with…”


Women In Science

For the “Conversation with….” I’ve deliberately sought to highlight interesting and accomplished scientific women.


My 2014 Science Times Listy on Climate Change featured fifty percent female experts and commentators.


I can work in varied media forms. Here are a couple of listicles and a video.


I have strong and unique connections with young journalists, political leaders and human rights workers throughout the world.  For many, I’ve been their journalism professor.

Since 1993, I’ve taught a feature-writing class at Columbia University’s Graduate School of International and Public Affairs.  The course blends foreign affairs journalism, interviewing, opinion writing and multi-platform story-telling.    

Most of my students are female, most come from abroad, and many--after graduation get jobs in international media, development organizations, diplomacy, and politics.  So, I have a network of talented and trained alumni around the globe that I can immediately plug into.

Former students are currently employed at:


The Economist
Radio Free Asia
The President’s Office, Korea
The Open Society Institute
Human Rights Watch

UNESCO-South Africa
El Espectador, Bogota
The Christian Science Monitor


I’ve been covering gender as part of my regular reporting for national magazines, since 1969.

In 1975, with a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism, I helped uncover the coercive sterilization of dozens of Mexican-American women at a public hospital in Los Angeles. The recent PBS documentary 'No Mas Bebes' revisited this story.

Here’s what I wrote in the Nation Magazine about seeing the women at the premiere of the film.


And here’s a 5,000 word report produced for Ms. Magazine: “Women On Death Row.”


I am fairly expert in other areas.

Higher Education?: How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids---and What We Can Do About It

Published 2010 Holt/Times Books
By Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus

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